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Harry King Has Gazed into the Future ...

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and the resulting prognostication is sure to disappoint those Hog fans with visions of an SEC West championship dancing in their heads.

King, a sports columnist for Stephens Media, unveils his forecast for the 2010 Razorback football season in the current print issue of Hawgs Illustrated. He predicts a 9-3 regular season featuring a home loss to Alabama and road losses at Auburn and South Carolina.

King writes: "The first step in predicting the record of a football team is to divide the schedule into the swing games and the givens, the ones that can be confidently squirreled away under W or L.

Do that with Arkansas' 2010 season, and you make little headway because there are too many of the former and not enough of the latter.

Each of the past three years, the prognostication has been on the money because there were eight, nine, maybe 10 games where the result seemed obvious. This year, there are a half-dozen games that are up in the air, and that can cause a wild fluctuation in the bottom line."

The only no-doubters on this year's schedule, according to King, can all be filed under the "win" category, and include the four non-conference games plus the contests against Vandy and Ole Miss.

Excitement and optimism are understandably running high in the Natural State, and many Hog fans may be expecting/hoping for a double-digit regular-season win total. But considering the questions about the Hogs' defense and the fact that this team has yet to prove itself on the road, King's forecast seems about right to me. Maybe even a tad optimistic.