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Pulling Tonight for the Other Paul Finebaum Reject

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South Carolina is just 27 outs away from bringing home their first national championship in any of the three major sports. In an ideal world, it would be the Hogs that are only 27 outs away from their first national championship in baseball. But Arizona State had something to say about that, unfortunately. A less than ideal world, but still a pretty good one, would be seeing South Carolina win it all tonight and then go find whatever cave in Alabama that Paul Finebaum lives in and shuff that trophy right up his, ahh, typewriter! As you surely recall, Finebaum recently advocated that the SEC toss out South Carolina and Arkansas for not ever contributing anything to the glory of the league. South Carolina could start the "Take that Paul Finebaum Crusade" off tonight with a victory over UCLA, a school which no right thinking Hog fan should have any love for, as we are a Cotton Bowl and a national championship in the hole due to them. The Hogs could continue the crusade with a BCS berth, SEC championship, or hey, making it five years in a row for the SEC and a national championship. That would make for a very ideal world! So for tonight, Cocka doodle doo! Ya'll.