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Hog Hodge Podge: 6/28/10

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• Well Done. Volunteers and U of A athletes participating in this weekend's Razorback Relief: Operation Haiti put together 1.4 million care meals for residents of that earthquake-ravaged nation. On an equally inspiring note, I watched a lot of "Mad Men" episodes this weekend on On Demand.

• Pass the Cheese, Please. Our friend Jerry of the Auburn blog War Blog Eagle is taking a look at Auburn's 2010 opponents in his "Cheese Puff Preview" series. Today, he shines his spotlight on the Arkansas State Red Wolves. Among his several humorous observations:

What the logo tells us about their football team: Dude, it looks really cool having those white-out clip-on sunglasses or whatever on the wolf, but how’s he able to see? That’s how you end up with a 10-to-12 TD-to-interception ratio with a four-year starter at quarterback, isn’t it?

• New York Bound? Reports popped up over the weekend that the New York Knicks and free agent Joe Johnson may be a match. If Joe does end up in the Big Apple, we'd strongly urge him to ditch his ride (we hear you don't really need a car in NYC) and slow global warming by a decade or two.

Meanwhile, AJC columnist Mark Bradley asks, "Does anybody in Atlanta actually want Joe Johnson to stay?" Probably not a lot of people. However, Hawks fans should think twice before offering to help Joe load the moving van, Bradley warns:

I’ve made the argument before, but here it is again: If Johnson leaves, the Hawks will get a lot worse in a hurry. He might not be LeBron or Kobe, but he’s one of the NBA’s 15 best players. Unless you believe the Hawks will then land one of the 14 or so greater talents — and Jordan Crawford, the 27th selection in the 2010 draft, isn’t such a talent — the team can say goodbye to winning 50 games and probably to reaching Round 2 of the playoffs.

The Hawks surely realize as much. I’m not sure their constituency shares that belief. My reading of Hawks fans is that they — meaning the majority, perhaps the vast majority — don’t think Johnson is worth max money and should therefore hit the road. The trouble with this scenario is that I’m not certain the Atlanta Spirit would spend much money or effort to replace him.

Bradley also reports that the shy and retiring Mark Cuban has an interest in Joe.

Watching The Neighbors. Team Speed Kills goes in search of Houston Nutt's 2010 upset, and Every Day Should be Saturday takes a look at Ole Miss' mascot options.