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Get to Know Bobby Petrino

Richard Davenport of The Recruiting Guy blog has a short Q&A with Bobby Petrino that sheds some light on the famously taciturn coach's hobbies and interests.

So who is Petrino exactly? Just a lake-lovin', steak-and-eggs-chompin' pick-up driver who's rendered helpless when confronted with a bit of chocolate.

Unsurprisingly, given the name of his blog, Davenport also has a separate recruiting Q&A with Petrino (note: subscription is required to view it). Of note is this exchange:

Davenport: What do you tell parents if they express concern that you might not be at Arkansas for their son’s four or five years?

Petrino: You know that really hasn’t come up. I’m going to be here. I really enjoy it. It’s a beautiful place; my family is very, very happy. I think we have the program going in the right direction; it has a chance to compete for championships. I’m really excited about it.