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Razorback Roundup: 6/24/10

• Best of Luck, Guys. The NBA Draft is tonight, and former Hogs Courtney Fortson and Michael Washington will be waiting on pins and needles to see if their names are called. It appears unlikely that either will be selected, but who knows - there very well may be a team looking for a frontcourt player who can get consistently get his shot blocked by much shorter players or a point guard who commits beaucoups of turnovers while constantly screaming at his teammates. I kid - sort of. In all seriousness, I hope both of these guys do well.

In the meantime, Brandon Marcello has posted a Q&A with Fortson, and NBA Draft Blog has published interviews with both Fortson and Washington.

• If He Can Make It There ... Former Razorback guard Mitch Petrus has reached an agreement with the New York Giants.

Preparing for Battle. One of the writers at Roll Bama Roll, SB Nation's Alabama blog, is already worried about the Tide's Sept. 25 contest against the Hogs in Fayetteville. Prepare for a war, he tells his fellow Alabama fans, adding:

[The Hogs] will be thinking, "Beat Alabama... win the SEC West, then what? BCS game? SEC Championship? National championship contention?" Bank on it. Perhaps that is all wishful thinking on their part, and perhaps Arkansas is not ready for the limelight. Admittedly that may be the case, but nevertheless that will be the mindset that the Hogs will have on that day, and you can bet the proverbial farm that they will play with the appropriate level of energy and intensity given that mindset. We'll have to match that accordingly if we want to survive in the Ozarks. Be prepared for a slobberknocker.

Last Realignment-Related Link for a While. Promise. We're as tired as the Hogs-to-Big-12 stuff as you are, but George Schroeder of has a take so unusually sane that it's worth mentioning. Money quote:

Tell me again why the Hogs would leave the security of the SEC for the instability of the Big 12. But the rumor isn't going away. It never does. It will head off into hibernation for a while, but it will return next spring, or the next ... Arkansas joins the Big 12 when pigs fly.

• We're Just Trying to Help. Van Stumon, in light of your recent brush with the law, perhaps it's time for you to watch this powerful, powerful afterschool special. You're welcome.