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Saturday Hodge Podge

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* He Wants to Pump Them Up. Chris Bahn of AS360 has published a good Q&A with Kelly Lambert, the strength and conditioning coach of the Razorback basketball team. Here's what Lambert had to say about the team's offseason workouts:

First of all, I want to put out there that I’m seeing strides in discipline and accountability. These guys are phenomenal. They get here early. They show up ready to go. … They are prepared and ready to go. When that’s the case, when you’re disciplined and on time, all the other things in the weight room take care of themselves. From there, the sky is the limit. That’s when you start seeing guys make their way onto the all-time record board. Keep an eye on Delvon Johnson. He’s been here a year, but he has a chance to see his name up there.

We'll hold off on buying our Final Four tickets, but hopefully the team's approach to their offseason conditioning is an indication that the Hogs are ready to surprise some people.

* We'll Blame Houston Nutt. Speaking of hoops, while driving from Atlanta to Little Rock yesterday, I caught Razorback recruiting guru Dudley Dawson's appearance on the Bo Mattingly radio show. Dawson said that Ky Maddenis leaning towards Ole Miss despite the Hogs' all-out recruiting effort and added that Arkansas has yet to offer a scholarship to Little Rock Hall's David Rivers, whose stock has been rising over the past year. Madden heading to Oxford would certainly sting, but landing Memphis' Cedric McAfee, which the Hogs appear to have a at least a decent chance of doing, would ease the pain.

* Yet More Realignment-Fueled Smack Talk. Hot on the heels of Paul Finebaum's column saying that the SEC should jettison the Razorbacks and South Carolina comes a piece by Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel in which Bianchi says the conference should show Ole Miss and Mississippi State the door (hat tip to AS360 for the link).

Speaking of which, return here next week for my post on why the SEC would be better off without Florida and Alabama.