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Arkansas Back to the SWC? Um, No Thanks.

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As most Hog fans know by now, the recent near-collapse of the Big 12 has left that conference with a couple of slots to fill. Nice, cushy slots to either be the University of Texas' official towel boy or foot massager that would be *super* appealing to the likes of Arkansas, right? Right?? At least that's what the rumors are saying.

The exact logic behind why the Hogs would want to give up money, stability and a spot in what remains the best athletic conference around (by far) for a chance to essentially rejoin the SWC and be on the outside looking in when the Big "12" inevitably collapses in a few years is beyond me, but it's summertime and in the absence of actual news people need something to talk about.

With that in mind, Jeff Long released a statement today with the idea of putting all the rumors to rest. Here's a key excerpt:

"From the beginning, we have been very clear that the University of Arkansas is a proud member of the Southeastern Conference and has no interest in joining another conference. Chancellor Gearhart has been unwavering in his support of our institution’s continued membership in the SEC. Recent events have not in any way altered our commitment or desire to remain a member of what we believe is the strongest conference in the nation."

Will that actually put the rumors to rest? Probably not...rumors are fun. But, we here at Arkansas Expats, Inc hope that it does so we can go back to more substantive matters like debating Keenan DuBose's jheri curl.

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