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Does Ryan Mallett Have a Shot at the NFL?

Yes, the headline is a joke...anything to get you to click on a post, you know. But, since we all know Ryan Mallett is NFL-bound after this season, and that his future there seems very bright, what are pro football people saying about him?

We'll surely see a lot more of this as the season goes on, but the NFL Mocks site has already weighed in with their opinion. You should check out their full scouting report, which is posted here, but we'll share a quick excerpt:

"Mallett has all the potential to be one of the top quarterbacks, if not one of the top overall picks in next years draft. The biggest issues he needs to clean up this year are his accuracy and decision making...Unless Mallet either decides to stay in school for his senior year or takes a Jevan Snead-like nose dive this season, he should be one of the top 3 QBs available and a top 10 pick."

Anyone want to share a thought on what team you'd like to see Mallett playing for next year (not counting the Hogs, of course). I'll boldly go out on an "anyone but Oakland" limb...would really like to avoid a D-Mac pt 2 scenario.