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Sunday Hodge Podge

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* Tough Loss. Our friends over at The Razorbloggers have a good recap post on the Hogs' heartbreaking loss last night to Arizona State in the first game of the Tempe Super Regional. Here's to stayling alive with a win today.

* Driven to Hit. That's the title of a nice article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Razorback third baseman Zack Cox, who was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of last week's Major League Baseball's draft. According to the Cardinals' draft director, Cox has "the best college bat in the country."

* More Head-Spinning. Could Texas A&M and Oklahoma be joining the SEC? Dr. Saturday posted late last night about the growing Aggies-to-the-SEC rumors.

* They Deserve Better. That's blogger Chris Low's take on the 2004 Auburn Tigers, whom he says should be named that year's national champions in light of the NCAA's recent punishment of USC. Says Low:

It stung then that the Tigers didn’t get piece of college football’s top prize, and it stings even more now that the NCAA says Reggie Bush was ineligible and should have never been allowed to play on that 2004 USC team.

BCS chairman Bill Hancock says if the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee rules that the Trojans should vacate their 2004 national championship, there would be no BCS champion for that particular season.

That’s about as hollow as it gets if you’re walking in Auburn’s shoes, especially when you consider how talented, how balanced and how deserving that 2004 team truly was.