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Q&A: Matt Besser, Part 4

Publicity shot for Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

This is the fourth and final installment of our Q&A with comedian/actor Matt Besser, a Little Rock native and rabid Hog fan (here are parts 1, 2 and 3). In today's installment, Matt compares his comedy colleagues to Razorback players and discusses the movie he's long dreamed of making. For detailed info. on his career and his current projects, be sure to check out the introduction to part 1 of our Q&A. Many, many thanks to Matt for his time.

Expats: I don't know if this question is going to make sense, so bear with us. Looking at your resume, you've worked with a lot of well-known and talented people. In SAT style, we're going to ask you to compare some of them - whether it's in terms of their skills or their personality or their role when you worked together - with Razorbacks, past or present.

So, who would Amy Poehler be as a Razorback?

Besser: (Laughs) Let's see - Amy Poehler as a Razorback. Well, the fact that she's short and fiery - kind of a spark plug - makes me think of Kareem Reid. She's not scared to take the ball among the big men.

Expats: What about Will Ferrell?

Besser: He's a superstar, but looks wise, I don't know - Steve Schall is coming to mind (laughs). They're about the same height and weight.

Expats: John C. Reilly?

Besser: He's more of the actorly kind of comedian. Huh- I'm trying to think. Now as I think of that same team, I think of Jimmy Counce. I think they have the same hair.

Expats: (Laughs) So you're choosing largely based on hair?

Besser: I don't know. I try to think of their skills and that's not playing out, so then I go to features.

Expats: It's a difficult question. Here's another: Sarah Silverman.

Besser: She's kind of flashy. I guess she'd be more of a Darren McFadden.

Expats: Tim Meadows?

Besser: (Laughs) Well I've partied with Tim Meadows a lot, so definitely Matt Jones.

Expats: (Laughs) We're going to end the question on that note. I don't know if we can top that.

Besser: I think we should end there.

Expats: You know a movie about the Razorbacks with Will Ferrell as Steve Schall and John C. Reilly as Jimmy Counce would be huge.

Besser: That would be amazing.

Expats: If you were casting an Arkansas Razorbacks movie, is there anybody you'd want to play?

Besser: That's the real question. The movie that I've always wanted to make would be about the 1978 Orange Bowl and Steve Little's career. I think that would make a really interesting movie.

In my younger days, I would have wanted to play Steve Little. But I'm a little past that. Lou Holtz would be fun, but I don't look anything like him. You'd have to give that to Billy Bob. I don't know - there's not a lot of white characters. Ben Cowins' lawyer.

Expats: This might be a bit of a stretch physically, but I wonder if you could channel Houston Nutt somehow.

Besser: That'd be great.

Expats: It seems like a fun character to do.

Besser: Yes, he does seem like a fun character. That would be an interesting movie too - Houston Nutt's last years.

(Not ready for this sure-to-win-a-Pulitzer Q&A to end? Then just review parts 1, 2 and 3.)