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Catching Up on Recruiting News

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While it is generally the policy of this blog not to cover recruiting too much (reason #1: obsessively following the whims of overpraised high schoolers is more stress than we're able to comfortably handle, reason #2: there are already plenty of excellent sources of this info out there), a couple of interesting pieces of news broke while your humble Expats editors were enjoying some R&R over the weekend:

1. Auburn's annoying ability to poach top recruits from the Natural State continued, as all-everything QB Kiehl Frazier of Shiloh Christian committed to Gus Malzahn and the Tigers. Frazier's list of interested schools (basically everyone in the country) was practically Mustainesque, so losing him has predictably and understandably caused something of a meltdown among Hog fans. If you're in that camp, Otis Kirk from AS360 is there to talk you off the ledge, opining that the Razorbacks are set at QB, and that "Arkansas fans should be more concerned with defensive end, linebacker and secondary recruits in this class than where a quarterback is going to college."

2. Another highly-touted Arkansan, offensive lineman Mitch Smothers of Springdale, has fulfilled his destiny and committed to the Hogs. Granted, an OL doesn't grab the headlines like a QB does, but it eases the sting a bit.

Next up: a decision from OL Brey Cook, another local kid who's being recruited by all the national heavyweights. Fingers crossed...