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Keenan Vs. Keenan: Which Jheri Curl Was Better?

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Keenan Squared

Keenan DeBose didn't have much of an on-court impact during his two seasons as a member of Eddie Sutton's Razorbacks. But the effect that his hair had on the state of Arkansas was unmistakable.

During a time when we Arkansans were wrestling with Cold War fears, fighting our way through a recession and mourning the end of "M*A*S*H," Keenan's jheri curl helped to brighten our troubled days. It gave us comfort and inspiration in a world seemingly gone mad.

It also taught us that such a 'do needn't be the exclusive domain of pop stars like Rick James, Michael Jackson and El DeBarge. Keenan bravely showed us that jocks too could pull off the look.

Yes, Mr. DeBose's curly, greasy locks were truly a bright spot of the early and mid-1980s. Of that we all surely agree. But what Arkansans and hair historians worldwide have never been able to agree on is the answer to the following question: Did Keenan's jheri curl look better during his freshman or sophomore year? (Note: DeBose transferred to North Texas State after his second season in Fayetteville.)

So we now pose the question to you. Before you vote, you should know that the picture on the left above is from DeBose's freshman season. The one on the right is from his sophomore year.

For additional context, we've posted two more photos after the jump; the top one is from Keenan's first season, the bottom from his second. Be sure to view these pics before casting your vote.