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The New Look Razorbacks: Dressed for Success?

As noted philosopher Mark Twain once said, "clothes make the man" and, in an effort to prove him right, the Razorbacks unveiled their new Nike-designed football uniforms today. Are they snazzy enough to inspire the Hogs to the heights that so many of us are hoping for?

For starters, I'll say that these are an improvement over the previous incarnation (click for my scathing indictment of the 2008 jerseys) and avoid being the overly trendy Nike-styled abomination that I had sort of worried about. In particular, I'm glad they kept the color scheme to red and white...I was personally a little concerned that they would go with all-black jerseys with a red stripe on the leg or something. (Although, it's worth noting that Brandon Marcello is surmising that such a uniform may still exist.)

In the critical realm, the color seems a bit off to they mixed a bit of pink in there to water down the cardinal-colored red a bit. Can't say that I'm a fan of that. And, the white patches under the arms seem sort of unnecessary. Lastly, I'd like to see the word 'Arkansas' featured a little more prominently - like in the way D-Mac is rocking it in this picture.

Overall, these look solid enough to me and, as we all know, will look even better should the Hogs pull off some big wins this fall. What do you think?


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