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It Might Be Time for Joe to Move On

The Orlando Magic completed a thoroughly humiliating sweep of Joe Johnson and the Atlanta Hawks last night, and Hawks fans - yes, such people exist - are pretty pissed at Mr. Johnson.

Joe certainly didn't win any brownie points last Saturday, when, after Atlanta's Game 3 loss, he said of Hawks fans who had booed him during the game, "We could care less if they show up." It's certainly understandable that Joe might feel that way, but that probably wasn't the best PR move, especially when he had played so poorly in the game. 

Johnson, who was booed loudly again last night, is slated to become a free agent this offseason, and many Atlanta fans are ready to see him go. In fact, one Atlanta fan has created the Craigslist ad below to aid Joe's relocation efforts.



Maybe there's some way for Joe to return to Fayetteville and use his remaining two years of college eligibility. We'll put our legal eagles on the case.

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