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Monday Hodge Podge

* Peyton's Place. It looks like Ryan Mallett may be receiving some tutoring from Peyton Manning and the rest of the Manning quarterback dynasty this summer. Chris Bahn at has some of the details.

The best part of the article is the second reader comment, the one from razorback 44, who may have just finished huffing some Scotch-Guard when he wrote the following: "[M]ore than likely Mallett will outshine all other quarterbacks and even teach peyton a thing or two!"

I appreciate 44's enthusiasm, but let's not get carried away.

* Expansion Madness. Brandon Marcello examines the Hogs' 1990 move to the SEC and discusses what may be in store as the Big 10 looks to expand. In the article, Frank Broyles says this about what would have happened to the program if the Hogs had not joined the SEC: "We would not be in the Big 12. We'd be an independent and broke."

* Hoops Recruiting Madness. According to Richard Davenport's outstanding recruiting blog, four-star recruit Cedrick McAfee, a 6'3" shooting guard out of Memphis, has listed the Hogs as his number-one choice. It's unclear exactly where Davenport got that news, but here's hoping he's right. McAfee is ranked by Rivals as the 67th best player in the 2011 high school class.