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Reefer Madness


Spring has truly sprung: a couple of Hog footballers were arrested on Monday and charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. According to media reports, a campus police officer arrested defensive backs Hunter Miller and David Gordon after noticing that the two were trying to hide from him as he walked past the parked car in which they were sitting. After walking up to the vehicle, the officer detected the "strong odor of burnt marijuana." (Reports that Miller and Gordon were also composing beatnik poetry and listening to John Cage at the time have yet to be confirmed.)

Somewhat strangely, the driver's license produced by Gordon lists his name as "David Lopez." One might initially think that Gordon had handed over a fake ID used to buy alcohol, but Chris Bahn says the license lists Gordon's/Lopez's birthday as Jan. 4, 1991 — the same birthday attributed to Gordon on the Hogs' official Web site. Who knows what the explanation is, but we're confident that it's Houston Nutt's fault. Or maybe John Pelphrey's. Actually, we bet both of them are to blame.