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2010 Hypewatch: Experts Are Saying This Mallett Kid Could Be Good

One of the top assignments we give to our interns here at Arkansas Expats, Inc (besides the standard routine of getting coffee, picking up dry cleaning and procuring all sorts of questionably legal intoxicants for Rasputin) is tracking the media hype that surrounds the 2010 football team.

Today, one of our more ambitious interns found a real gem: currently has Ryan Mallett featured on their homepage as part of a 2011 mock draft feature. Click through to the article and you'll find the extremely premature (but interesting nonetheless) mock draft for next year, with Mr. Mallett sitting on top of the world at #1.

My groundbreakingly astute analysis is that Mallett will be a pretty enormous story in the media for the next year or so. Look for massive amounts of pre-season hype, followed by either a huge backlash or major Heisman push depending on how the first few games go, followed by another round of stories touting his cannon arm and expressing concern over his foot and past "character issues" before the NFL draft. Should be a fun roller coaster! 4.27.10