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The People Have Spoken: Announcing Your Favorite Razorbacks

Last week, we asked you to pick your top 5 Razorbacks on each side of the ball...we were really interested to see who would emerge as the official fan favorites. Now, after days of intense voting, the results are in.

We can't comment on the rumors that the coaching staff will be using this information to make all relevant decisions regarding playing time, game strategy, etc but we will acknowledge that those rumors are out there. With that in mind, ladies and gentlemen, here are your top Hogs:


(note: the injured Ryan Mallett wasn't part of the voting, but is obviously enough of a no-brainer that we'll list him here as the unofficial #1 pick)

1. Greg Childs, WR

2. Joe Adams, WR

3. Dennis Johnson, RB

4. D.J. Williams, TE

5. Ronnie Wingo, Jr, RB


1. Jake Bequette, DE

2. Jerry Franklin, OLB

3. DeQuinta Jones, DT

4. Jerico Nelson, OLB

5. Darius Wright, CB