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Special Red-White Game (and More) Hodge Podge

* I didn't see Saturday's Red-White game, but Chris Bahn did and argues that, despite the usual high-volume of breakdowns on long TD plays, the defense is showing signs of improvement. I'll certainly acknowledge that Mr. Bahn knows vastly more about Razorback football than I do, but the article didn't exactly leave me convinced. For those of you who watched the game, what do you think? I'd love to hear your take in the comments section.

* Another part of the Red-White game that will undoubtedly be endlessly dissected between now and the season is Tyler Wilson's supposed lackluster performance. Brandon Marcello applies the "mixed results" tag to Wilson's spring efforts. What do you think?

* Trivia question: which SEC school had the fewest picks in last weekend's NFL Draft? (You're allowed one guess.)

* Speaking of the draft, Chris Low awards Malcolm Sheppard the not-coveted "Biggest SEC Draft Snub" award for going unpicked. Not exactly the honor you want to receive, but Sheppard probably feels better than former Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead, who went from being considered a sure 1st round pick to an undrafted free agent over the course of one not-so-glorious season.

* Ryan Mallett gets the full Dr. Saturday scouting treatment, and it's a really interesting read. It's not exactly as glowingly positive as you or I are probably thinking (he dares to suggest that Mallett has flaws, for one thing), but I definitely recommend checking it out.

* And in other news, Dana Altman is heading to Oregon. Insert your own jokes here.