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Let's Pick Teams: Who's Your Spring Football Offensive #1?

With spring football practice almost behind us and the Red-White game rapidly approaching, it's time for a fun group project: let's pick teams. Yes, pick teams...just like when you were playing dodgeball in 5th grade P.E. class (for the record, Expats staffers were always picked first in those situations...we're the consummate tough guy jocks).

Here's how it will work:

* I've posted a mega-poll below featuring all the key offensive players in action this spring. Another post with the defensive players will follow shortly.

* read the list, ponder it carefully and pick the player you'd want on your side if you were starting a team from scratch, P.E. class-style. The criteria you choose is up to you, but my suggestion is that you pick as if the season were starting tomorrow (rather than going on distant future potential, for example).

* we'll repeat this exercise for the rest of the week (subtracting the previous day's "winner") until we have a solid top 5 list for the offense and defense. Should be interesting to see which players are identified as the most valuable.

* note: Ryan Mallett isn't included. For one thing, he's injured and hasn't played this spring. But, more importantly, anyone in his right mind would make him the top pick, so just assume he's already on your team and you're picking an offensive #2.