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Ryan Mallett Breaks Other Foot / Petrino Says, "The HELL With It."

The news out of Fayetteville isn't good today. Sources say Ryan Mallett broke his other foot on Dickson street this morning when the little cart used to support his leg had a ball bearing malfuction and sent him into the street. Gasps and groans were heard from passers-by as the Heisman hopeful was seen moaning in the street. Doctors report that this injury will keep Mallett out for the entire 2010 season. In related news, Bobby Petrino has declared Arkansas and the Hogs cursed and is in negotiations with a yet undisclosed team. An unnamed source inside the Broyles Center said he heard Petrino say, "The hell with it. I've tried. God knows I've tried. They should be happy with a bowl win. I am getting the hell out of here!"

In other related news, today is April Fools day. A tradition that goes back centuries, but only since 1894 have April Fools Day jokes, like this one, haha, involved the Razorback football team. : )  Ryan Mallett still has one working foot as far as I know, and Petrino hasn't changed his Broyles Center mailing address. Let us know in the comment section if you've been pranked today or if you've pranked someone yourself.