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Just the (Depressing) Facts


Check out this deflating tweet about the basketball Hogs from Dem.-Gaz. online editor Brandon Marcello:

"This is 5th season in last 9 UA will finish regular season below .500. Hogs had 5 losing seasons in 32-year stretch prior to 2001-02. Yikes."

And just to keep the good times a-rollin', chew on this fact, dug up by one of our interns: Since the end of the 1998-99 season, the Razorbacks have finished with a winning record in SEC play in just three - THREE - seasons. In the other seasons since then, the Hogs have posted losing conference records; there are no 8-8 marks to be found.

However, the Hogs can finish this SEC season with an 8-8 record by defeating Ole Miss on Saturday. In the meantime, you may want to check out this page.