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Intriguing Tweets, Part Two

A little more than half an hour ago, Pat Doney, sports anchor for KARK-TV, tweeted the following three items:

Sources tell me that fmr Bama head coach Mark Gottfried and Ok St asst James Dickey will be a part of Hog basketball coaching staff next year


Also hearing Rotnei Clarke is leaning toward coming back but it is NOT official yet. Clarke still weighing options, according to my sources.


The good news - I expect a decision from Rotnei as early as today. I'll get you the latest as I hear it.

Could we possibly see an assistant coaching staff of Rob Evans, Mark Gottfried and James Dickey? That would be pretty crazy.

Update (2:54 p.m. CDT): Robbie Neiswanger just tweeted the following: "Spoke to Gottfried a few minutes ago, who said it's not true: "I have absolutely no idea where that got started."