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Friday Hodge Podge

It's a short hodge podge, but here goes:

Pulling No Punches. AS360's Jim Harris seems, oh, just a wee bit frustrated with the state of the basketball program. A sample of the column that he published earlier this afternoon:

The program's slogan of "40 Minutes of Hell," which morphed into "40 Minutes of Pel" when John Pelphrey took over, is now "40 Minutes of Fail."

More of the same next year, folks. Pelphrey's not going anywhere, UA athletic director Jeff Long insists, and the coaching staff is all returning. The speculation for some time was that Rob Evans, the former Ole Miss head coach, was riding out this season and would retire. But seriously, if Evans were to be the only coach leaving this staff, that would be a disgrace - he's the only one of the group we're sure can coach.

And another:

For John Pelphrey to keep trotting out the "we're just not playing well" line to explain a six-game collapse shows just how in over his head he apparently is with this job.

Programming note: You'll get a chance to hear more of Jim's blunt opinions on our site next week when we publish a Q&A with him.

Color Him Unimpressed. I hope John Pelphrey's family is steering clear of the Internet today. It's rough out there. Consider this tweet from noted SEC blogger and author Clay Travis, who's attending the SEC Tournament:

"Most disappointing? How apathetic the Arkansas fans are under Pelphrey. They used to be awesome at SEC Tourney. Now? Pelphrey has to go."