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Feel Free to Resume Breathing Now: Arkansas 82, Auburn 79

Well, for a while there, I was convinced that my esteemed colleague J. Hawg had jinxed us. I was worried about this game almost the moment the victory over Georgia ended; it seemed the perfect occasion for a letdown.

But the Hogs dug deep and managed to come away with a wild, wild, wild victory that has left me gasping for breath and with virtually no fingernails. As a friend of mine texted me during the game, "This feels like a Houston Nutt football game."

I'm a little too wiped out to say much else, but before I go breathe into a paper bag, let me leave you with this thought: as of this very moment, at the halfway point of the SEC season, the Hogs are alone in first place in the SEC West. Who could have imagined that during the often-awful pre-conference portion of the season? Or during the bludgeoning at the hands of Kentucky?

What a crazy season this is turning out to be. 

As always, please chime in with your thoughts.