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Crazy Night in Georgia: Arkansas 72, Georgia 68

As I said earlier today, I never had a moment's doubt that the Hogs would win this game. No sir, I knew all along that we had this one in the bag.

A hearty congrats to John Pelphrey's crew for winning their second consecutive SEC road game. They did it the hard way, digging themselves a 15-point halftime deficit and playing the waning minutes with Fortson, Washington and Powell each having four fouls.

But as was the case against Mississippi State and Ole Miss, these guys didn't scare when the going got tough. Fortson was undoubtedly the player of the game, but Powell and Washington each shook off shaky first halves to turn in solid efforts. And he may not have lit up the stat sheet, but a special tip of the hat should be extended to Stef Welsh, long the favorite whipping boy of Hog fans. He came up with a couple of big steals in the second half, and I thought he played outstanding defense all night.

It feels downright weird to say this about this team after the last year and a half, but all of a sudden, they appear to be a tough and poised crew. Maybe it's just a three-game thing. Or maybe not. Maybe they have finally turned the corner.

Now, armed with their first winning conference record in two years, the Hogs head back to Bud Walton to take on Auburn. Woo Pig Sooie!