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The Vandy Post-Game Thread that I Wrote Before the Game

Via the wonders of SB Nation's jaw-dropping technology, I composed this post in the wee hours of this morning and scheduled it to publish this afternoon. I realize the preceding sentence may have blown your mind a little bit, so I'll pause a few seconds for you to compose yourself ...

The reason I did so is because I'm in Fayetteville this weekend to attend the game and will be away from a computer until tomorrow afternoon (our generous slice of federal stimulus money ran out before I could buy a laptop). I tried to get staff soothsayer Rasputin to let me know the outcome of today's contest so that I would have something game-related to say here, but he has joined the interns for a spring break trip to Florida and could not be reached.

Anyhoo, consider this your place to either celebrate a rousing and surprising victory that put the Hogs squarely back on the NIT track or bemoan another loss in a late-season skid.

Regardless of the outcome, I hope you're having a great weekend. See you soon.