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Bloodied on the Bayou: LSU 65, Arkansas 54

In our friends' The Razorbloggers' Twitter feed, Walking on Sunshine asks the following question, one destined for the Gallows Humor Hall of Fame: "Which is worse: Being behind to Kentucky by 46 in the second half....or being behind to LSU by 15 at halftime?"

Tough question. Not sure that I have an answer to that one. However, I do know what's worse than both: being behind LSU by a score of 50 to 28 with 10 minutes to play. Yes, it was that kind of an evening for the Hogs.

As was the case against Ketnucky, a mild garbage-time rally made the final score much, much closer than the game really was. Make no mistake, however: for the first 35 minutes of the game, Arkansas looked as bad as it has all season. That's no mean feat.

Not sure why the Hogs were so thoroughly unprepared to play. Perhaps Michael Washington's absence was a big factor, but based on the way he's played lately, I'd have a hard time arguing that it was.

The whipping at the hands of the previously winless-in-the-SEC Tigers brings an end to a six-game stretch that had many Hog fans salivating. The stretch consisted of two games against Auburn, two games against LSU, one against South Carolina and one against Alabama. Arkansas finished those six games with an underwhelming 3-3 record, deep-sixing its always-faint NCAA hopes and placing the Hogs' once-solid NIT chances in considerable jeopardy.

It would be just like these Razorbacks to surprise us over the course of their final three regular-season games, but as of 10:10 p.m. EST, it's hard not to say, "Wait 'till next year."