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Public Service Announcement: How to Get Rich with the Razorbacks

As part of our ongoing service to our fellow Razorback fans, we here at Arkansas Expats, Inc are dedicated to sharing any and all opportunities to combine your love for the Hogs with risky moneymaking schemes. So, when I read that the odds on the 2011 BCS Championship had been posted, I had to pass that along.

The online betting site has posted their 2011 odds, and Arkansas comes in at 30:1. That's pretty far behind frontrunners like Alabama (7:2) or Ohio State (13:2), but is certainly a lot higher than we've been over the past few years.

Being the consummate high-roller that I am, I've personally placed a $50,000 bet on the Razorbacks to win it all. Anyone who wants a ride on my yacht this time next year should speak up now.

A screenshot of Arkansas and a bunch of other teams on the Bodog board is after the jump:

Betting Lines

(h/t: Dr. Saturday)