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Special Chris Low Hodge Podge

A lot of you are probably already regular readers of Chris Low's SEC blog over on, but in case you don't check his site often, he's posted lots of great Razorback-related content recently. Here's a sampling:

* Bobby Petrino is notorious for not particularly loving the interview process or the media in general, so when he sits down for some "kicking it" with Low, it's definitely worth reading. Lots of good stuff for his expectations for next year (among other things) in this post.

* Somewhat amazingly, spring practice is only a few weeks away (or in LSU's case, less than one week away) and Low breaks down the things to watch for Arkansas and the rest of the SEC West.

* Lots of marquee players have moved on from the SEC, so Low takes a look at the conference next year and pegs the Razorbacks as one of the "new faces" who could potentially make some noise in the new competitive environment. If you need another reason to look forward to next fall, he's bullish on the Hogs.

* This is old news by Internet standards (i.e., it's from last week), but Low ranked Ryan Mallett as the 6th best player in the SEC last season. Worth a read, for sure.

*Special Bonus Non-Chris Low Item*

* AS360's Jim Harris shares some notes about Scotty Thurman's recent induction to the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, and his post includes some fascinating tidbits about one of the all-time Razorback greats. For example, did you know Davor Rimacs was scheduled to start over Thurman in the famous 1995 Kentucky game? And, speaking of Thurman we should probably plug the in-depth (5 parts!) interview we did with him a little over year ago...if you missed it the first time around, here's part 1.