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Create Your Own Arkansas-Alabama Blog Post

Due to outside circumstances, Stephen and John were both unavailable to put up a post about today's Arkansas-Alabama game. While they brace themselves for a tongue-lashing from their SB Nation overlords, they have asked that you please finish a draft they started yesterday by filling in the blanks, Mad Libs-style, and sharing your results in the comments section.

Wow, what a (adjective) game today! The Hogs played so (adverb) against a (adjective) Alabama team. At this point in the season I never would have expected the team to be so (adjective).

John Pelphrey must be a really (adjective) coach to lead his guys to a game like that. Rotnei Clarke looked (adjective) shooting the ball, and Michael Washington really gave a (adjective) effort down low. And of course, any post about the game has to reference the way Courtney Fortson (something he did).

After that game, it seems pretty clear that the rest of the season will be (adjective) to watch.

Oh, and how annoying was it that the TV announcers kept talking about Nick Saban? They must have referred to him at least (number) times. That guy is such a (noun).