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Friday Hodge Podge

Baby, If You've Ever Wondered. Wondered whatever became of Matt Jones .. he's at WKRP in Cincinnati. Actually, that's not really true, of course. But he is a Bengal, apparently.

Speaking of Troubled Souls. Sean Sutton, the former Oklahoma State coach and the son of former Hog coach Eddie Sutton, was arrested today "on suspicion of attempting to possess a controlled dangerous substance." What a depressing story. Here's hoping that Sean is soon able to get - and stay - sober.

Pel Kibitzes with Katz. Andy Katz,'s senior college basketball writer, recently wrote about the Hogs' resurgence. Not too earth-shattering is in his report. But here is an interesting quote from Coach Pelphrey:

The Hogs' current ... win streak has "reaffirmed all along that I knew these were the hardest-working guys," Pelphrey said. "A lot of people were saying that they didn't have character. They were saying, 'What's going on at Arkansas?' I'm happy for them. They kept showing up for work."

More Guests at the Party? Brandon Marcello has Pelphrey's thoughts on increasing the number of teams in the NCAA Tournament. Pelphrey isn't too opinionated one way or the other, saying only that "I don't know that it would hurt to have a few more" teams invited to the tournament. My thought? The tournament is perfectly fine as it is. Sixty-five teams is plenty.  

Where We Stand. Curious about where the Hogs rank in the RPI ranking after their five-game winning streak? Answer: The Hogs are tied at No. 117 with Morgan State, a team that defeated Arkansas earlier this year. And who is at No. 116? Why, it's Creighton, coached by our coach-for-nearly-a-day, Dana Altman.

No. 117 may not be great, but it's quite an improvement from where the Hogs were in December.