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Opening Up a Can: Arkansas 87, LSU 52

You know it's a good night for the Hogs when a walk-on not named Stephen Cox (in this instance, Nick Mason) appears in the game.

LSU is really, really bad, so we can't make too much out of this win, but it was nice to see the Hogs come out focused and put this one away early. It was also nice to see Jemal Farmer wake up from his two-month-long slumber and have a good game. We're not going to get our hopes up (after all, this is a game against LSU that we're talking about), but it would be great if Jemal became a guy the Hogs could count on for eight to 10 points off the bench each night.

The games are about to get a lot tougher: the Hogs take on Alabama in Tuscaloosa on Saturday and South Carolina in Bud Walton a week from tonight. If the winning streak is still alive this time next Wednesday, the first drink is on us.

Speaking of winning streaks, this is the first Arkansas team to win five straight regular-season conference games since Stan Heath's 2006 squad.