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Breaking: Ryan Mallet's Doppelganger Found

We interrupt this discussion of the basketball team's sudden and unexpected mini-resurgence with the breaking news that, after literally 1000s of hours of late night research by our tireless interns, Ryan Mallett's doppelganger has been found.

That's turns out that Mallett's separated-at-birth twin is none other than the country guitar-picker Jerry Reed. It makes sense the more you think about it: if Mallett were a musician, he'd likely have Reed's awesomely cocky swagger (just watch this video), and if Reed were a QB he'd undoubtedly sling the ball downfield rather than look for the safe outlet pass.

Now that this important matter has been resolved, we return you to your regularly scheduled basketball season in progress.

Jerry Reed/Ryan Mallett: Doppelgangers