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Can We Break Out the "Thank God for Mississippi" Jokes Now?

After back-to-back wins over Mississippi State and Ole Miss, yes, I think we can. Enjoy the sweet feeling of superiority, Natural Staters.

Coming back down to earth a bit, Robbie Neiswanger of broke out the statistics to show just how much the Hogs needed this win. For example, yesterday's victory broke a 15 game SEC road losing streak that lasted for more than two years (read the post for more fun facts).

Looking across the river, the guys at Red Cup Rebellion aren't all that pleased about giving up their much-ballyhooed streak of wins over Razorback teams in various sports. Here's a fun quote for your reading pleasure: "It's the first loss this season that made me die a little bit inside."

With three games against not-that-impressive opponents coming up, we'll soon see how this team handles a small dose of success. What's your prediction for how the next phase of the season will play out? Let us know in the comments section.