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The Latest Chapter in "As the Twitterverse Turns": More Petrino Rumors

In last night's post on the fun topic of Bobby Petrino possibly heading to Florida, I declared that Petrino would probably leave if the job were offered to him, but that I had a gut feeling that it wouldn't work out that way.

Since then, though, the Twitter rumor mill seems to be pointing increasingly in the direction of Fayetteville. Florida-based sportswriter Justin Wells earlier wrote "Mullen is on the target list for Foley, sure...but probably not as high as many people (including myself) originally thought" and then followed that up with the even more ominous "Honestly, if I were a betting money would be on Petrino right now."

There are other tweets in that gist, but you get the point: even keeping in mind that most of the "breaking news" floating around Twitter is about as accurate as 7th grade gossip, these are suddenly unsettling times.

Whatever happens, though, this news is definitely distracting from our previous Sugar Bowl euphoria. I wonder what the players' or recruits' mindset is? And, I don't even want to go too far down this road, but if BP does leave then we could be facing a 2007-08 Cotton Bowl situation all over again, and I don't think any of us want to relive that.

Florida AD Jeremy Foley says he hopes to wrap up the process in about two weeks, so we'll get our answer soon (but not soon enough). What do you guys think?

Breathless update: ESPN's Chris Low says "As for Bobby Petrino, the early word is that it's a lot more likely he's at Arkansas next season than he is at Florida." Who knows...