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Trip Down Memory Lane: 1980 Sugar Bowl Highlights

The last time the Razorbacks played in the Sugar Bowl, Bill Murray was still a cast member of "Saturday Night Live," J.R. Ewing hadn't yet been shot, and nobody had heard of the Jedi master Yoda, as "The Empire Strikes Back" wouldn't hit theaters until half a year later. In other words, it was a long time ago.

For further proof of just how long ago this contest was, check out the hairstyles in the highlight clip below. The shaggy 'dos and accompanying cheesy music are probably the most enjoyable aspects of the footage, as Alabama defeated Arkansas fairly decisively.

As Jim Harris pointed out last week, the 1979 Hogs were a scrappy, overachieving bunch, while the Alabama squad of that season was possibly the legendary Bear Bryant's best team. Talentwise, the Crimson Tide were in another universe.

The Hogs seemed to have a glimmer of hope when, trailing 17-9, they pinned the Crimson Tide on the Alabama 2-yard line with a third-quarter punt. Alabama, however, promptly marched 98 yards for a touchdown.

Like KevinHog, the 1980 Sugar Bowl is one of my earliest Razorback football memories. In fact, it may be the earliest. The 1979-80 season was also the year that I started following the basketball team. That certainly feels like a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ...


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For the old-timers out there, what are your memories of this game?