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Fun With Almost Certainly Wrong, Seemingly Unsubstantiated Rumors

So, there's a big Buckeye rumor floating around Twitter today (on Christmas, nonetheless!). We're the first to admit that most stories of this note turn out to be totally bogus, but it's so much fun to see them swirling around our opponent rather than the Hogs, we'll at least pass along the links so you can savor the novelty of it all.

According to this article and this article, the Sugar Bowl will be Jim Tressel's last game at Ohio State. It's already been denied by the OSU athletic director and certainly seems very far-fetched, but for once Arkansas is not the most drama-filled school in the discussion. Crazy, huh?

Meanwhile, the Hogs are just quietly going about their business: the biggest story on the Razorback side is that D.J. Williams made a cool gingerbread house.

Merry Christmas, all.