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The Streak Stops at One: Arkansas 84, Oklahoma 74

In a game that will no doubt be remembered as fondly and vividly as the Hogs' 1978 Orange Bowl upset of Oklahoma, the Razorback hoopsters defeated their Sooner counterparts 84 to 74 tonight in Bud Walton Arena. OK, so this game probably won't live in Arkansas history. But for those 48 of us still paying attention to the basketball team, it was an encouraging win nonetheless.

Granted, this Sooner squad won't be confused with the early 70s UCLA Bruins any time soon, but it was good to see the Hogs bounce back strongly from their semi-comatose effort last Friday against UAB. The Hogs led by as many as 17 in the second half.

From the "no surprises" file, sharpshooter Rotnei Clarke led the way, scoring 20 points while making 7 of 12 from the field. Other highlights include the team's making 23 of its 26 free throws, its field-goal percentage of 50 percent, Jeff Peterson's 15 points, and solid efforts by Peterson's fellow newcomers Marvell Waithe, Mardracus Wade and Rickey Scott.

Now if only Marshawn Powell could fully recover from his foot injury, this season could yet turn out to be an interesting and enjoyable one.

For those of you who watched the game, what are your thoughts on tonight's win and the season thus far?