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Hogs Not Going To The Cotton Bowl

Reports are that Texas A&M has accepted an invitation to the Cotton Bowl, January the 7th. Since the Hogs played them earlier in the year and will play them again next fall, you can count on the Cotton Bowl not offering the Hogs if Auburn (gasp!) should lose in the SEC Championship game. LSU or Alabama would be more attractive for a game against the Aggies.

The Capital One Bowl could choose Alabama over the Hogs, for it would put Saban against his old Michigan State team and would bring the Tide to a bowl they haven't been to since 1995. Though the Hogs have a better record than the Tide, the Capital One people could point out that the Tide beat the Hogs and that they are the former National Champions with a Heisman winner on the team.

So where would that put the Hogs? The Outback bowl in Tampa is a possibility. It is a January 1st bowl game, and the Hogs would get a Big Ten team, possibly Iowa. And the Hogs have never played in that bowl. Of course, if we don't get the Sugar that is going to be a big let down for all of us. Dropping even further below the Capital One to possibly the Outback Bowl (I hate these corporate names!) would even be more of a downer.

I am sure he is not feeling it, but from a Razorback point-of-view, more pressure on that son of a preacher man to get the job done in Atlanta for all of us Hog fans.

UPDATE: College football websites are abuzz about how the son of a preacher man, Cam Newton, has been declared eligible by the NCAA after having a day, Monday, of secretly not being eligible. Swift and wacky justice from the NCAA if you ask me. It is a ruling that seems to defy the NCAA and SEC rulebooks, creates an amazing precedent, and has Reggie Bush hitting the ceiling of the Superdome at the moment. But being purely Hogselfish in the matter, I am happy that Newton will play in Atlanta. But after that, he is useless to us, and I hope, throwing out my SEC loyalty here, that Oregon clobbers them in Glendale.