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SEC Power Poll: Week 10

Arkansas picked a rough year to make a push for a division title...the SEC West holds the top 5 slots in our rankings:

1. (1) Auburn - An Auburn booster paid us $200,000 to rank them here.

2. (3) LSU - Contrarian word of warning: Les Miles is being hailed now, but he's still the guy who looked utterly clueless at the end of the Tennessee game (and against Ole Miss last year, etc, etc).

3. (2) Alabama - Saban outfoxed by Miles. Amazing.

4. (5) Arkansas - We almost put the Hogs ahead of Bama, but didn't want to tempt fate. Nonetheless, we'd like to have another shot at them now that we have a running game.

5. (6) Mississippi State - Quietly rising.

6. (4) South Carolina - It's far will the Cocks fall?

7. (7) Florida - Whether they're true or not, we love the rumors that Urban Meyer is leaking all the Cam Newton scandals.

8. (8) Georgia - Much angst in Athens these days.

9. (9) Kentucky - It's basketball season now. 'Nuff said.

10. (10) Ole Miss - Enjoyed a Nutty feast on a cupcake last week.

11. (11) Tennessee - The Vols beat Memphis, but still suck.

12. (12) Vanderbilt - Comfortably nestled into the bottom spot at this point.