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Dare We Believe in a BCS Bowl?

I've been reading around the various Hog message boards and blogs as the weekend gets closer and the home stretch of games begins that will determine which bowl game the Hogs will attend. Isn't it neat to already be bowl eligible? There's no mad dash at the end to beat MSU and LSU just to get bowl eligible this year. Cough, cough, Ole Miss Rebels. I said before the season began  that I thought the Hogs would not make the SEC Championship game, but would make their first BCS bowl at 10-2. Until recently I thought that prediction might be a stretch, but then I came across this scenario that has me thinking, well, just maybe we can make it to a BCS game.

1.) Alabama loses this weekend in Baton Rouge (with the luck of the Mad Hatter, it could happen)

2.) Arkansas beats ranked South Carolina, MSU, and LSU (possibly the weakest plank in this scenario)

3.) Auburn beats Alabama the day after Thanksgiving (with Cam Newton, all things are possible)

4.) Auburn beats South Carolina or Florida in the SEC Championship game and goes to the National Championship game (see above). 

This would leave the Hogs at 10-2  (possibly in or near the top ten) having beaten LSU in a face-to-face battle and on a six game winning streak. Even though Alabama beat us earlier in the year, they would be sitting at 9-3 and not so attractive to the Sugar Bowl, a bowl they recently played in. The Sugar Bowl wouldn't want a defeated Florida or South Carolina. I think a load of Arkansas fans would look very attractive to them seeing as it would be our first BCS bowl, and the Hogs haven't played in the Sugar Bowl since the Lou Holtz years. So what do you think? Possible - Yes. Probable - Hmm. It all starts, of course, this weekend in Columbia where a Childsless Arkansas team will have to win on the road, or the the previous scenario is dead from the start.