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D.J. Williams: Catcher of Passes, Seeker of Truth

D.J. Williams' awesomeness on and off the field is no secret - in addition to his much-lauded football skills, his personal story is genuinely inspiring. And, as we noted a few weeks ago, he has a great sense of humor and isn't too shabby as a musician either. So yeah, he's one of our favorites.

But, what you may not know is that he has a Twitter account, and his tweets are legitimately excellent. (Editor's note: apologies for making this the second Twitter story of the week, but we couldn't resist.) Rather than resorting to banalities like many athletes (or, to be fair, people in general), D.J. tends to go the philosophical route. Here's a sampling:

Historical pondering, with a twist:

DJ Tweet

Flights of fancy:

DJ Tweet

(more after the jump)

Popular culture:

DJ Tweet

Raging against the machine:

DJ Tweet

Life philosophy, with some cartoon flavor:

DJ Tweet

The answers, obviously, are Chester A. Arthur, a griffin, Stepbrothers, because we did too, and the Brain - always reach for the stars.

D.J.'s Twitter account is @dj45williams - follow him!