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SEC Power Poll: Week 13

The Hogs continue to peak at the right time, soaring to their highest-ever (on our ballot, at least) Power Poll slot:

1. (1) Auburn - For his next trick, Cam Newton will spot South Carolina a 50-0 lead, then lead his team to eight straight TDs in the 4th quarter. 

2. (4) Arkansas - The Hogs can beat anyone at this point. We would really, really like to replay those Alabama and Auburn games with the emergent Knile Davis.

3. (5) South Carolina - The biggest mismatch in the SEC Championship Game might be Spurrier vs Chizik. Not a fair fight.

4. (2) LSU - Playing on turf in Little Rock, Les Miles ran out of grass-eating miracles.

5.  (3) Alabama - We're still trying to process the fact that Bama lost three conference games this year.

6. (6) Mississippi State - Whichever school hires Dan Mullen for next year will be lucky to have him.

17. (7) Florida - Starting here, we bumped everyone 10 slots down in the poll to reflect the difference between the top and bottom halves of the conference. Florida, quite frankly, sucks this year.

18. (8) Georgia - They beat Georgia Tech! Yea!

19. (10) Tennessee - After a rough couple of years, the Vols are beginning to show faint glimmers of hope for the future.

20. (9) Kentucky - Lost to Tennessee for the 26th straight time. Incredible.

21. (11) Ole Miss - Now we can sit back and watch the Jimmy Sexton-based rumors fly about all the schools that are throwing job offers at Houston Nutt.

22. (12) Vanderbilt - Guys, it makes everyone else in the SEC look bad when you lose to Wake Forest.