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Sweet as Sugar? Arkansas 31, LSU 23

If, after the Alabama game, anyone predicted that the Hogs would cap a 6 game winning streak by knocking off LSU with a punishing, clock-eating ground attack, please raise your hand. No one? That's what I thought.

In what is certainly the biggest win of the Bobby Petrino era, the Hogs showed they can do the fancy stuff on offense (Cobi Hamilton!!) and grind it out in physical SEC style. That final drive of nine straight smashmouth runs against the mighty LSU defense was a thing of wood-bringing beauty and should put to rest the myth that the Razorbacks are a finesse team.

The reward? Possibly a berth in our best postseason bowl in nearly a quarter century: Sugar Bowl officials confirmed after the game that, should Auburn defeat South Carolina in the SEC Championship game, Arkansas is headed to New Orleans. Today we are all Cam Newton fans, ladies and gentlemen.

We'll have more coverage of today's huge win soon enough, but for now raise your glass to the 2010 Arkansas Razorbacks and let loose with the greatest cheer in sports: WOOOOO PIG SOOIE! RAZORBACKS!!!