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Reasons to Hate: LSU

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We'd guess that most of you don't need help in the hating department this week, but just in case we cheerfully present the 2010 edition of Reasons to Hate: LSU.

1. The Fans. We say this every year but, taken as a whole, LSU fans really are awful. While we certainly acknowledge that all* SEC fanbases are generally nuts, the Tigers attract a particularly nasty breed of insanity. Visitors to Baton Rouge, particularly after sunset, report all sorts of atrocities to human decency that aren't suitable for repeating on an upstandingly wholesome website such as this. 

* Except for Vanderbilt.

2. Les Miles. The perfect coach for LSU. And no, that's not a compliment. 

3. Overrated and Unaware. Yep, we said it. The Tigers certainly aren't a bad team, but no way are they #5 in the nation. Their charming fans are unaware of this fact. 


4. Just Say Neaux No to -aux. For LSU fans, the height of hilarious wit is adding the Cajunish "-aux" to the end of anything possible. Guys, we get it. The trick was clever about 8,000,000 references it's tiresome.

5. We Have a Lot to Play For. This is the biggest game in a year full of big games. Win, and the Hogs could be on the way to their best season since the late 70s. Lose and and we'll always look back on 2010 as being a little disappointing.