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Knicely Done: Arkansas 38, Mississippi St 31

Just another nice, relaxing day in Starkville, right?

Knile Davis went from being the hero to the goat and then back to the hero as the Hogs gutted out a hard-fought win against Mississippi State. It was rarely pretty, but the Razorbacks showed a lot of toughness in knocking out the Bulldogs in the 2nd OT.

I feel very confident in saying that last year's team definitely would not have won this game. And, you don't get extra credit for style points, so it all amounted to a very good day for the Razorbacks. It was also a very good day for our own Stephen Expat who, in addition to celebrating the big Hog win, is also celebrating getting engaged last night. A successful weekend!

Up next: LSU and a shot at a BCS bowl. WPS!