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Six Things You Should Know About the South Carolina Gamecocks

Our interns have been slacking lately, so we worked them to the bone to produce the definitive scouting report on the South Carolina Gamecocks. Here's what they came up with...enjoy!

1. You know how some people have bumper stickers on their cars with clever sayings like "I'd rather be golfing"? Well, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier literally would rather be golfing. As in, right now. Historically he's been able to maintain focus on his day job for the first couple months of the season, but his attention usually begins to wane around early November. As he begins thinking more about a relaxing day on the links, his team tends to decline noticeably. Probably not coincidental.

2. Their quarterback, Stephen Garcia, probably should have been a character in "Dazed and Confused". Much like Randall "Pink" Floyd in that movie, he can sling it around pretty well when he's feeling motivated, but all things considered he'd prefer to crack open a few brewskis and head to a party at the moontower.

3.  Remember that scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" where Indy is being chased through the cave by that unstoppable rolling boulder? That's the best metaphor we could think of for freshman RB Marcus Lattimore. As you grit your teeth while watching him decimate the Hogs' porous rushing D, just think of that boulder and it'll all make sense.

4.Their passing defense is really ranks 105th in the country and that was before starting CB Chris Culliver was injured. Our guess is that Bobby Petrino, Garrick McGee and Ryan Mallett are aware of this fact.

5. Speaking of passing, the Cocks' sophomore WR Alshon Jeffrey might be the best receiver in a conference full of great ones. And yes, that includes players like A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Greg Childs (*sigh*), Joe Adams, Randall Cobb, Darvin Adams and others. Chances of him breaking at least one big play that has you screaming at the TV and cursing Willy Robinson? Approximately 1000%.

6. And speaking of Willy Robinson, it's worth remembering that South Carolina DC Ellis Johnson was Petrino's first hire for the defensive coordinator role at Arkansas. He stayed in Fayetteville for about five minutes before taking a job offer in his home state. Kind of an interesting historical "what if".