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SEC Power Poll: Week 9

Once again, not much movement in our weekly power poll ballot. Is the pecking order really that solid, or is the craziness laying in wait for the November games? Time will for now, here's where things stand this week (with last week's results in parentheses):

1. (1) Auburn - Question of the day: when Gus Malzahn leaves to be a head coach next year, will it be in the SEC or in a different conference?

2. (2) Alabama - Quiet...almost too quiet.

3. (3) LSU - A week without Les Miles is no fun. Come back, Crazy Les!

4. (4) South Carolina - It's November...will the Cocks swoon or soar this year?

5. (6) Arkansas - We'd trade a bunch of those extra TDs against Vandy for a healthy Greg Childs.

6. (5) Mississippi State - Apparently the "cowbell etiquette" of Bulldog fans is improving. They're also flossing more regularly, and remembering to always put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

7. (8) Florida - Owns Georgia.

8. (7) Georgia - Owned by Florida.

9. (9) Kentucky - Almost time for basketball season, guys!

10. (10) Ole Miss - No Nutty magic against Auburn

11. (11) Tennessee - The Vols are really, really, really bad.

12. (12) Vanderbilt - On the plus side, they have an excellent graduation rate.