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Reasons to Hate: Mississippi State

After a brief, feel-good hiatus, we're pleased to be back to our usual state of frothing-in-the-mouth rage. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy these reasons to hate the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

1. Hey, This is a Big Game. Make no mistake about it, this game is big. The Hogs are playing the best football of the Bobby Petrino era and have designs on an upper tier bowl. The Dogs are a team on the rise under Dan Mullen and will be looking to make a statement after a tough loss to Alabama. We absolutely need this one.

2. Hog Calls > Cowbells. The cowbells have grown on us a bit over the years, but they still utterly pale in comparison of the best cheer in sports: the majestic Hog Call. Any yokel can ring a cowbell, but the Hog Call represents the full power of a group of like-minded Razorback fans. It's not even a fair fight.

3. 1998. Yeah, we don't like thinking about certain events that transpired in the late part of that season, either. But, it must be said that, even after you-know-who did you-know-what against Tennessee, the Hogs were in position to get another shot at the Vols in the SEC Championship Game until they lost to the Bulldogs in a heartbreaking last-second defeat the following week. Not cool.


4. It's a Zero Sum Game. Looking at the big picture, the Arkansas football program is trying to climb to the top of the most competitive division in the country. Losing two out of three to Mississippi State makes that a lot harder.

5. TGFM. If you have to think too much about what that acronym means, this may not be the website for you.